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Climbing In Circles Parts One & Two

Hello reader... thanks for making it this far. From now on I'm going to do away with all this third person narrative stuff... It's an ever increasingly failed attempt to appear professional... both you and most definitely I know that I am not. If you didn't well you now do. These websites are written by the person who it features, we all know the score... I'm supposed to wax lyrical about myself as if I'm someone else... and make out that I, but not I... him... that is to say Will Glaser... (thats me) is... or am... important enough for someone else to do that on my behalf... I'm not, and neither is he.

It's stupid and exhausting. 

Anyway, this page features some of the music I've made, namely a project titled Climbing In Circles. I thought It'd be a nice thing to write a little about each of them just incase anyones interested. The digital version of liner notes I guess... Below is a little summary of the first two parts of the project...

It's not a blog. I really wont be updating this that much. Anyway, I hope you enjoy.

Climbing In Circles Pt. 2 - Released August 2019

Below you can read about the first of the double release Climbing In Circles. Here the second.

When I first started thinking about making some albums I wanted to do something that got away from long form works and original compositions that sat in the sound world of contemporary jazz. Although I love this sort of music and have the pleasure of playing with a lot of my peers in this vain, I wanted to focus on a more open and loose form of improvisation where the personalities of the improvisers gave the music It's identity, as appose to a composers vision. Both albums feature the same compositions, augmented with one extra tune and free improvisations as a way of attempting to more clearly show the difference personality can make on the music. Personally I find it interesting to hear how my approach changes in these settings.

It was a great pleasure to make this music with Liam Noble on Piano. I have been healthily obsessed with Liam's unique and original playing since I was a teenager and first heard his record Starry Starry Night, a duo with one of my British drum heroes Paul Clarvis. Over the years I have been lucky enough to be taught by Liam and play with him in various situations, but it was such a joy to make this record as a duo. 


See below for links to Alex Bonney's website - who mixed and mastered the albums, and Kazland who created the amazing artwork.

Here's a link to the album.


Here's a link to Liam's website.



Climbing in circles Pt. 1 -  Released January 2019

Myself and the wonderful Matthew Herd have been playing duo together since 2014 when we left music college. We played standards, pop songs, 3 hour free improvisation noise odysseys and wrote our own music. We also drank a lot of coffee and beer and talked about music for hours and it was wonderful. I have very fond memories of those times.

This first album was intended to focus on standards and improvisations and was a really wonderful experience to make. Its part one of a pair of duo albums I'm making where the focus is about the dialogue between performers, to me its the really special element that I love about jazz and improvised music... its wonderful, exciting and mysterious when personalities bring noises to life. The album is available to buy on Bandcamp; here's a review. The next instalment is due to be released by the end of Summer 2019, and features Liam Noble on Piano. 


Please check out Matthew's own music here


I'd also like to thank the amazing Kaz of Kazland for the artwork and album title, and the wonderful Alex Bonney for mixing and mastering the record. Please check out their wonderful work too, it really is wonderful. 


If this has peaked your curiosity and you'd like to find out more, below are two podcast interviews you can wash up to... the first is me waffling about my life and the second Matthew and myself waffling together about the album.

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