New River Ramble

Not my circus not my monkey copy.jpg

In August 2020, amid the chaos of coronavirus and the incompetence and corruption of the British Government... I decided to go to my local music venue in Tottenham, New River Studios. I spent two days recording solo drum improvisations and pieces that I'd been working on throughout the lockdown period.

On the second evening, to let off the not inconsiderable amount steam that had built up over two pretty intense days of isolated music making, I was joined by James Allsopp.

As soon as the lifting of restrictions began we were able to start playing more frequently and it seemed a lovely way to document what we had been doing.

I love this record. I love James. I am always surprised and astonished about the amazing musicians I have the privilege of playing with and am able to call my friends. 

This record is completely improvised. It feels very warm and inviting to me. It also feels close to my heart as New River is a place of great importance to me. The musicians and artists I have met there, the music I have heard and made there, has had a huge impact on my life these last few years. 

Special thanks to
Alex Bonney for mixing and mastering the record and Kaz for the artwork.​